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. this is geico sports extra this is not a preseason -- [loud noises] >> go out here and do what we got to do!
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. now that is the way to start a show. hello everybody, dave ross with you for another exciting edition of geico sports extra. tiger tries to claim the field, nats nats try to avoid a sweep. but the red and gold, 75 players today, five guys sent packing, among them, hagan, park and fincher, so while some are no longer worried, 22 more cuts coming next saturday. one guy trying to make the team, mason, a touchdown friday night, but an injury, back at
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practice today. but with one preseason game left to go mason remains if i firmly on the bubble. >> it is always important the last preseason game for a young guy, everybody knows that is the most important game in the preseasonment i'm looking forward to it. >> marcus never played in an nfl football game, but been on three teams. he never played special games, on a real team. he is in position to play, that is a first step. >> one rookie making his mark, mitchell from nevada, second straight week brought in a touchdown pass. while marco may surprise fans and opponents he is not surprising one of his peers. >> i am not -- he is one of those guys, you see most rookies coming in saying the want the fight for a spot.
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he is trying to fight for a play, not looking just to play football, but he wants to earn a play. >> and the rookies have a chance no jacksonville. but starters, clinton portis ruled out. if he plays at all, it will be just a little, which is fine with the older guys. >> as a vet, i'm ready to get it over with, get in the regular game. we're trying to keep everybody healthy. >> preseason is a drag, but you need it at e same time. it gets you right, gets prepared for the season, once you get in the regular games everything goes down hill from there. you have a new routine, the weeks are flying by. that is the best part of our job. >> who says you can never go home again? if you live in denver that is what they said to their rmer quarterback jay cutler, who called it his home for the past
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few years. and tonight there was another reaction. >> not not that you didn't want to hear it. >> wow, after hearing it from the fans, cutler took a couple of hits in the endzone, but he responds, getting the last laugh. on a six had-yard touchdown run, cutler, 144 yards for his return to denver and the bears beat the broncos 27-17. now when we return, look, i love the bad news bears as much as the next guys but this is getting ridiculous. trying to avoid a sweep there. plus' on the prowl in jersey, couldn't get a comeback win. forget about it. sports extra is up in aen m mom
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. and welcome back to the show, strasburg is not expected to makes debut until next week at the soonest but today he made it a possibility. the nationals in st. louis, trying to avoid a sweep. and zimmerman, nowhere to go. later on a sack there, top of the 6, nats down one, dukes reasonable ranks this one, moss pitching to pujols, that is a mistake. up the middle, here comes erasmus, that will be the game. 2-1, the final, after the game, the nats traded ron belliard. and up 1-0, make that 3-0,
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makes masterson pay, 7th of the year, orioles beat the indians, 5-2. four-game set. golf, moreno beginning the day as the leader, didn't end up that way. picked the bad day to have a bad day. how about tiger woods, if this goes he is in the club house at 9-under, oh my goodness, missed another, can win it now, going to 9-under, knocked tiger and two others out. he does just that with a par- save on 18. but can still be tied with this putt, slides by. and hat gives slocum the victory, winning his third pga tour victory. and tonight, geico, 15 minutes fame we go to williamsport, for the game. chinese, rallying until this.
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double play to end the threat. and that ultimately helping to end the game. congratulations, they win to capture the title and our geico 15 minutes of fame. now when we come back, who is hungry? >> i am. >> so is dave feldman, he is having lunch with the burgundy and gold. stay with us, we'll be right back in two minutes. ght, thats sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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. and welcome back once again, once the regular season starts the redskins are all about business. but this week, a rite of passage. and dave feldman broke bread with the boys in burgundy. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: that song? >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: played by that and ♪ ♪ >> reporter: before labor day can only mean one thing. the redskins welcome-home lunch, for the fans not only to meet and greet but also to eat with their favorite players. >> what is it like to sit next to mike sellers? a football star? a nice guy? don't get in the way?
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>> it is a great feeling any time you can come out with the fans and they love you and we love them back. it is just great. >> reporter: the welcome home represents a new beginning. a fresh start, a chance for clinton portis and jim zorn to hug it out. and arapko to figure it out. >> at first i thought i was in trouble, and he would chew me out for something i did. but no, it is a good deal, having fun over here. >> reporter: greg, how is the rookie doing? how are his table manners? >> great, no question he was raised right, he has a lot of class and poise. >> reporter: the coach was not the only one impressed. >> how is brian arapko to sit ne to? >> it is great. >> reporter: but will the
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redskins be good? the million dollar question, so we went to old school to ask ken harvey. >> you know defense can win games, they can change the outlook of the game, the defense is really strong. >> i think people are jumping the gun. it is just the preseason, we have the offense, taking time and practice. but i think we're on the right track and i think we'll have a very good team this year. >> thank you very much, dave feldman, reminding you the skins open the regular season two weeks from today. you can see more right here on fox 5. thank you for joining us. enjoy the rest of your evening. i am out of here. it was a good one.

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